Factory Recipes Make Lasting Memories

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Lisa Pohlman has been a cookbook collector and baker since she was ten years old, although, at age seven her first love of baking came when she received one of the first Kenner "Easy Bake" ovens for Christmas.  She started collecting church cookbooks, then hand written recipes from friends and family and also professional and antique cookbooks.  She has over 3000 cookbooks.
In December of 1995 she took her interest of cooking and love for recipes and compiled a cookbook of "1035 luscious recipes" collected from factory workers called: - 'Factory Recipes Make Lasting Memories'  The cookbook has creme-colored paper with green ink in the Heritage format.

      Lisa said that baking is her specialty.  She remembers watching her mother make her grandmother's favorite roll-out Sugar cookie recipe. Lisa was the decorator.  "One day," she said, "my mom was sick and wasn't able to make the roll-outs, so I mixed up the ingredients and tried to do it exactly the way my mom made them.  When my mom woke up from her nap, all of the cookies were baked and frosted on the table.  From that time on I was the official baker.
     Lisa has had two book signings at Barnes and Nobles in La Crosse WI at which, on the second one, she took treats of assorted cookies featured in her cookbook for sampling.
      Lisa makes trays of assorted cookies for shut-ins and friends and also takes orders for them.  Another specialty of hers is homemade candies such as Peanut Brittle, Cinnamon Candy, Caramel-Nut Crunch, etc. for purchase.